Online Men's Golf Shoes For Sale In Australia

Golf Depot offers an extensive collection of branded men’s golf shoes in a variety of styles, sizes and colours to suit a golfer’s persona. We stock major brands which have been widely used and recommended by golfers worldwide such as Skechers, Callaway, New Balance and more which can be shipped upon request. The average golfer can take up to six hours to complete an 18-hole game. This means that most golfers would have walked around four kilometres per course, not to forget the extra time on standing on firm feet in-between swings. Hence, men’s golf shoes need to be able to provide stellar support all while without causing any aches and soreness.

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Today, the aesthetics of men’s golf shoes in Australia tends to be more modern and futuristic. Improvements in technological engineering means that most men’s golf shoes are now equipped with innovative salient features aimed at comfort, performance and durability.

Our latest men’s golf shoes on sale are more spike less as they have better traction. They are most suitable for Australian golf courses as they are lightweight, water resistant and have superb ventilation, not to mention, are fashionable.

The varied choices for men’s golf shoes online can cause one to be indecisive about which to pick. Whether you are looking for traditional golf shoes with cleats underneath or looking to invest in the crowd-favourite spike less option, we’ve got your back. Which is why our men’s golf shoes clearance dashboard features only the elite golf shoes for men. Just scan through the options below for more information and you will definitely find shoes that blend comfort with functionality and style.

Bonus point! FREE packing and shipping across Australia for orders of over $100.

Easily sort by prize, brand, or product type. Don’t worry if you can’t find that particular golf shoe you desire. Directly send us an email with your specifications at or call 03 5229 1093 and talk to our staff members now.

Why Golfing Depot’s Men’s Golf Shoes?

  • Comfortable
  • Durable
  • Provides stability
  • Affordable
  • FREE shipping
  • 30-day exchange or refund policy
  • Customer service

What the general buyer doesn’t know is that men’s golf shoes are purposely designed to provide additional comfort and stranger stability for the golfers’ feet. The shoes we have exhibited here adhere to a golfer’s specific needs, keeping in mind the body mechanics of a golfer while in gameplay.

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