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Designed to upscale performance when the weather heats up, browse through our gallery and find your size and style of women's golf shorts on sale. All from leading global brands. Beat the heat and win the course with a selective brand of slim fit golf shorts that give you complete freedom of movement, moisture control that keeps you dry at all times, remains intact wash after wash, adjustable waistband that leaves no soreness, and more. Order now and get FREE shipping on all women's golf shorts Australia-wide on purchases of over $100.

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When it’s time again to bring out your golf shorts from your wardrobe and you’re ready to hit a round of golf on the course, remember that different clubs have varying rules on the lengths of women’s golf shorts — some clubs request that shorts go all the way down to a woman’s knee.

Whatever the rules are when it comes to the length of shorts for women golfers, there are two plan of action you can take; First, check with the golf course beforehand via their website, there should be a section where the rules are clearly stated, if not, call the golf course to confirm. Second, if it is a spur of the moment matter, go with longer shorts. Branded companies that manufacture women’s golf shorts will primarily always be of the proper length.

Which is why you can never go wrong with women’s golf shorts purchased from Golf Depot. They fulfil two important aspects of women golfers: function and fit!

  • Function is material that makes it work — does not make you sweat, is air-permeable, does not need adjustments after every swing, is not restrictive in flexibility, is comfortable and doesn’t leave you with tan lines after the gameplay.
  • Fit is material that accommodates — makes you look like a competent woman golfer, and not a man or an old person; with every swing, it always stays in place.

Are you prepared for the summer months of golfing? Is your wardrobe in need of new trendy golf shorts? If so, then you should consider golf shorts that are comfortable, lightweight, easy to handle, lasts long and are, of course, attractive.

Choose and order a golf short, or multiples of them now! For more specific styles, brands, types, colours and any other assistance, drop us an email at or call us right away at 03 5229 1093.

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