Motorised Golf Buggy & Carts For Sale Australia-wide

At Golf Depot, we bring you a broad range of motorised golf carts to elevate your experience like never before. If you find it arduous to push golf carts around for several hours, our motorised golf buggy in Australia allows for smooth quiet rides so you can be relaxed and at your best, to play your best. Our motorised golf carts can either be operated via buttons on the cart or via a remote control. Browse through our range today!

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Shop from a Great Selection of Motorised Golf Carts in Australia

The lesser the stress, the lesser the fatigue, the better is the game played on any golf course terrain. Golf Depot’s motorised golf carts majorly suggest lithium batteries over lead-acid batteries due to the fact that lithium batteries on motorised golf buggy typically add just about 5kg to the trolley, compared to lead-acid batteries that weight around 11kg. Plus, lithium batteries, though expensive, are cost-effective in the long run — full-charge capacity is at over 500 charges and take shorter time to charge. Lead-acid batteries are bigger, heavier and take longer time to charge.

Motorised Golf Carts For Sale

Looking for affordably priced golf carts? You have come to the right place. Due to the advancement in technology, the misconception that motorised golf carts don’t have the same uphill power as its counterparts has been debunked. Motorised golf carts have come a long way in the past few years. Each of our motorised golf cart products has numerous benefits you can enjoy — some are pre-equipped with a bottle holder, ball holders and even tee holders. Some can hold the scorecard and pencil. The biggest benefit of all, practically all our golf buggies can be folded and tucked away easily in the car compartment or your home.

All orders on motorised golf buggies across Australia come with FREE shipping. Although, shipping will have to be via road due to the size and weight of the motorised golf carts!

Quickly browse through our catalogue of leading Australian motorised golf carts by sorting by price, brand, size or even type of product. Every motorised golf cart you click on will have more in-depth description so you know exactly what you are purchasing and what its mechanical parts contain.

Why Golf Depot’s Motorised Golf Carts?

  • Leading brands in golf carts
  • Cost-effective battery system
  • FREE shipping Australia-wide on any motorised golf cart
  • One-stop-shop for all golf carts accessories
  • Open on all days with top-level customer service
  • 30-day exchange or refund policy if the motorised golf cart was not as described or is found to be defective

Depending on your mobility, the type of golf course you play on will determine which type of golf cart is best for you — for flatter terrain, 2 or 3-wheeler golf buggy is better. However, no matter the terrain, a golf cart helps move from one hole to another faster and at ease.

We are sure you will find a motorised golf buggy on sale that is most suitable to you. Your specific product or brand is not listed? Don’t worry, send an email with all your enquiries to or phone us at 03 5229 1093. Our experts in motorised golf carts would be happy to assist you all the way through.