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Designed for style, comfort and performance, golf belts from Golf Depot can be worn both on and off the course. Our selected brands are specialised in designing and manufacturing golf apparel including caps, grips, umbrellas, shoes and of course, golf belts. Whether it’s a reversible, leather, woven or canvas webbing golf belt you fancy, you’ll find what you’re looking for. Plus, on orders exceeding $100, packaging and shipping direct to your address is FREE of charge.

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So go ahead and place multiple golf belt orders, after all, it doesn’t make sense to own just one, or even just two belts, regardless of whether you’re a man or a woman—you’ll need a variety of styles, types and colours to match those golf shoes and yet blend in with golf pants.

There are quite a few rules when it comes to belts in general, golf or otherwise. Rule of thumb is to make sure the base colour of your belt complements your pants, but avoid wearing a patterned belt if you’re wearing patterned golf pants; your belt should also match your shoes to some extent; bright coloured golf belts that stand out too much tend to draw attention to your waistline—whether you like it or not.

While leather belts are the most common material, you can also opt for synthetic, polyester, canvas or even snake skinned ones. It just needs to be long enough to go round your waist and then tucked under the first belt loop of your golf pants. As for style, the traditional buckle belt is still the preferred choice, but you can also go for a reversible belt, braided stretch belt, or stretch woven belt. Women golfers have an additional choice of picking bow knots or D-rings, though these are rarely seen worn by pro golfers due to impracticality.

Remember, if you’re wearing branded golf pants, just any belt might not work—formal belts are customarily thinner, jeans belt are conventionally thicker. Approved brand golf belts are made to slide and fit seamlessly in the belt loops of your golf pants.

Regardless of your style preferences when it comes to pants, shorts or skorts, belts are, and have always been, an integral element of on-course garb. They add a bit of flair and style statement, golf belts keep your polos firmly in place.

Pants with belt loops and no belt makes you look and feel naked on the course. So before you get going, pick from a range of golf belts for sale and have it delivered to you via air within days only. For specific items, styles, types and brands, email us your requirements at or call us on 03 5229 1093.

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For more Q&As on golf belts in Australia, or for placing bulk orders, call us now on 03 5229 1093 or email us at If you’d rather walk in and see us in person, pay us a quick visit at our showroom in Moorabool Street, Geelong, Victoria.