Premium Golf Towels For Sale in Australia

Golf Depot has a variety of branded golf towels for sale to help keep your golf clubs and golf balls clean. With leading brands including Callaway, Srixon, Mizuno, Nike, etc, we've have towels that suit your needs and matches your bag and club set up. FREE shipment across Australia on orders of $100 and above.

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With the number of golf towels available online and in-stores, it can get difficult to choose the correct one. But here’s how:

  • Material — Commonly used materials for golf towels include microfiber, cotton and a combination of polyester and nylon. Microfiber provides the best cleaning capability and does not leave strands and fluff behind. They are also exceptionally light, flexible for getting into grooves, high rate of water absorption, quick-drying and can easily be machine washed
  • Size — The towel ought to be big enough but it should not become a burden when affixed to your bag by dragging on the ground. It should fit in your bag if you decide to store it in a pocket.
  • Absorbency — Wet towels becomes extremely heavy. You want your golf towel to be able to absorb the dampness without adding any sizable weight to your golf bag.
  • Colour — Darker golf towels do not display dirt as easily as lighter-coloured towels. Plus, light-coloured golf towels require frequent washing which lessens the durability of the fibres within the cloth.

At the start of a round, golf towels are usually dipped in water to facilitate cleaning your clubs, during which it soaks up water in the cleaning process. Don’t place your wet golf towel inside your golf bag. Use the loop on your bag to affix the golf towel via a swivel clip, it also prevents you from losing your towel while on the course.

Choose and order a golf towel, or multiples of them! For more specific brands, types and colours, email us at or call 03 5229 1093.

Why Golf Depot’s Golf Towels?

  • Inexpensive cost prices
  • Certified global golf brands
  • FREE shipping on orders of $100+
  • All-round customer service

For bulk orders or more on delivery of golf towels in Australia, send an email with the enquiries to, or call 03 5229 1093 and speak to our staff members. Visit us at our showroom in Moorabool Street, Geelong, Victoria.