Online Golf Grips for Sale in Australia

Golf grips are key to controlling every shot you make, but like every other material, they break down over a period of time, in most cases, within a year. This causes your hands to slip, which adversely impacts your swings. If this is happening to you, then your golf grips are in serious need of replacement. Here at Golf Depot, we offer a great selection from top brands such as the SuperStroke, Lamkin, Golf Pride and more. Even better, they’re available at ridiculously competitive price across Australia.

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Starting at around $10-15 and going all the way up to $60 per grip, you can have them delivered for FREE anywhere in Australia on orders of above $100, and it can be a combination of other accessories and apparels as well, not just the grips.

Now, when shopping for new golf grips online, here’s what you need to look for and how to choose the right grip:

  • Outer diameter — Check whether your grip is a standard, midsize, oversize/jumbo, undersize, and junior. Standard grips are around 1" in diameter, whereas midsize and oversize/jumbo grips may range around +1/8" to +3/8" in diameter. Undersize and junior grips range from under 1" to 0.8" or below. The most popular golf grip size is the standard and midsize.
  • Inside diameter — This is the golf grip’s core size. A majority of golf grips have a core diameter of 0.600" or 0.580". Generally, you’d want to install a 0.580" core size grip onto a 0.600" outer diameter. This will actually increase the outer diameter of the grip just slightly. Undersize and junior shafts range from 0.500" to 0.560".
  • Grip shape — Check if your golf grips are either round, ribbed or alignment shaped. Round is the most common shape for most grips so you can orient the grip whichever way you prefer. Ribbed grips, also called a "reminder", have a small raised ridge designed to be positioned along the spine of the shaft which helps golfers feel where the bottom of the grip is. Alignment grip features a distinct ridge that runs along the entire length of the grip.
  • Style / Material — Check whether your grip fall into either: velvet, composite, wrap, cord, or hybrid (cord + rubber). The velvet style grip features small repeating patterns of crosses using a rubber material and traction for control without sacrificing the feel. The composite grip features a tacky and smooth surface and non-slip gripping. The wrap style grip is a simulated 1-piece style but using a wrap design. Cord grips have cord fabric interweaved through the surface of the grip to provide traction and added firmness. The hybrid style utilises both cord (for control in the upper hand) and rubber (for the lower hand).
  • Grip feel — Most golf grips either feel: Soft, Medium, or Firm. Firm grips provide more feedback to the hands upon impact. Soft grips absorb some of the impact and provide a more comfortable feel. Medium and firm are the more common ones. 

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Why Golf Depot’s Golf Grips?

  • Wide range of prices
  • Certified golf grip brands
  • FREE shipping on orders of over $100

For any assistance or bulk orders of golf grips in Australia, please do not hesitate to call us on 03 5229 1093 or us email at Drop by our showroom in Moorabool Street, Geelong, Victoria any day.