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At Golf Depot, our top brand selection of golf caps, hats, beanies and headwear are sure to offer something that will fit your needs and style, but more importantly, protect you from the weather conditions. In addition to structured and unstructured caps, stay sun-safe with our selection of knit caps, straw hats, visors, bucket hats, fedoras and more. Browse through our catalogue golf caps online via brand name, colours, types and styles before you get on the course and start swinging.

Added bonus: Packaging and shipping is FREE Australia-wide for orders of over $100.

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For professionals in any sport, unlike other sports like biking and athletics, PGA tour golfers are possibly the only players who don’t end up emblazed with logos all over them, at the very least, they only have their sponsors name on their golf cap or hat. But, even for casual golfers, golf caps and hats are an important part of your attire, even if unsponsored, and here’s why.

  • UV protection — being an inherently outdoor game played during the daytime, the sun is bound to beat down hard and raise the temperature. Not to forget, a round of golf can take hours upon hours to complete. Hence, a UV protective golf cap or headwear keeps you shaded and prevents sun exposure.
  • Wind protection — the weather is still as unpredictable as always, if it isn’t sunny, it could still get extremely windy. The harsh wind could get into your eyes, making it difficult to see the ball accurately and observe its movements. Moreover, if wind particles hit your eyes, it leads to watery eyes, thus making you lose focus and affecting your performance. Golf caps act as a shield against the tough wind.

Women golfers have an added bonus where a golf cap can also help restrain long hair during a competition.

The other best part about our golf caps and hats is that they are not just for wearing on the greens, but are suitable for everyday wear. Our branded Srixon caps are the traditional structured types with moisture-wicking fabric, sweatband, micro-velcro elastic loop, closure with tuck-in strap and UV protection. There’s also the one-size-fits-all Mizuno visor; the Greg Norman which is a lightweight breathable straw design with a lined wide brim that offers protection to your face, neck and ears; the Mizuno large brim sun hat made of ImpermaLite UPF fabric and head strap offers the ultimate sun protection.

In the summer time, when the weather is high, beat the heat and protect yourself from UV exposure with golf caps in Australia. Surf through our collection of golf caps, hats, beanies,

knit caps, straw hats, visors, bucket hats, fedoras, headwear and more. If said item is not listed, it’s probably out of stock at the moment, so simply send us an email with your preference at sales@clubhousegolf.com.au or call us on 03 5229 1093.

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