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Explore the best deals on golf apparel online including tall pants, shorts, golf shirts, men’s polos, women’s golf skorts, rainwear, jackets and jumpers. Pick from a multitude of other golf apparel collections such as umbrellas, towels, head-covers, grips, socks, belts, caps and hats.

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While some golfers prefer to pick attire that goes with the gameplay, it is true that some golf clubs and courses have certain loose rules on what is acceptable to wear on the course, while participating in an 18-hole game. Typically, the unspoken rule is — no tank tops, very short shorts or jeans are allowed. It is also more decent for players to wear shirts with collars.

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Add to that, branded golf apparel come with additional benefits for both men’s and ladies such as — hats and caps give you shade from the sun, while also being breathable; polo pants, shirts, shorts and skorts are made of breathable flexible fabric that do not restrict movement and swings, not to mention they are featherweight; rainwear apparel, besides being 100% waterproof, are also fitted with detachable sleeves and adjustable leg lengths — most important of all, a few of the golf apparels in our collection come with a warranty, where mentioned in the description.

Choose your style and make from leading prominent brands such as Srixon, Mizuno, Adidas, Robbie Brown, Greg Norman, Izod, Antigua, Annika and more. We keep updating our catalogue with new items as and when new designs come in, or if you place an order.

No doubt you could simply visit a golf store, or the pro shop at the golf course, or even purchase elsewhere. But you may be amazed with Golfing Depot’s low prices for branded items.

Select a category, and sort by prize, brand, or product type. If the desired golf accessory is not listed, or maybe you’re more interested in bulk orders, drop us an email listing your requirements at or just dial 03 5229 1093. Our staff members would be happy to assist you from start to finish.

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