Stylish Women’s Golf Skorts On Sale

A cool hybrid of the golf skirt and golf short, women’s golf skorts offer the best of both worlds. At the same time, they radiate feminine sensibility with an active sporty look. Golf Depot offers a vast collection of women's golf skorts on sale, and from various renowned brands. These garments were designed with weather-protection, springiness, breathability and moisture management. You will find the perfect golf skort that suits any budget. Comes with FREE shipping all across Australia on orders of $100 and above.

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Skorts give the appearance of wearing a skirt, but it has an attached short underneath. It offers women golfers comfort and peace of mind when leaning or bending, maintaining the element of modesty and keeping the skirt in fashion. Skorts are also commonly used in sports such as biking, hockey and tennis.

Due to its rise in popularity, women’s golf skorts now come in a variety of lengths and styles. The most prevalent among women golfers is the straight skort. For materials, polyester and spandex are ideal due to their comfort and breathability. Look out for practical features such as mesh pockets for balls, tees and gloves.

For women who love dresses more, the golf course should be no hindrance. Additionally, modern skorts require no change after the course is completed, they can be worn outside the golf course as well.

At the moment, the best-selling women’s golf skorts come in four variations:

  • Ruffle skort — Contains flattering layers that hides lumps and bumps and covers the fitted built-in shorts.
  • Flip skort — Double-layer skort that smoothens down with the outer layer while providing a flip bottom which can be slightly lengthened if needed.
  • Pleated skort — These can be box, accordion or stitched down pleats – they provide extra movement and shape with the pleats.
  • Straight skort — Traditional in style and functional too, these can be long or short and with or without slits on the sides.

With plenty of styles, fabrics, lengths and colours to choose from, Golf Depot’s suggestion for you is to choose a style that suits your body shape and your needs.

Choose and order a golf skort, or multiples of them now! For more specific styles, brands, types, colours and other assistance, drop us an email at or call us right away at 03 5229 1093.

Why Golf Depot’s Golf Skorts For Women?

  • Economical cost prices
  • Global golf brands
  • FREE shipping on orders of $100+
  • All-round customer service

Addressing the need of modern golfers today, golf fashion is in turn attracting and motivating more girls and women to the sport.

For women’s golf skorts clearance or orders in bulk, send in an email with your requirements at, or call 03 5229 1093 and speak to our staff members. Visit us at our showroom any day here in Moorabool Street, Geelong, Victoria.

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