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“As unpredictable as the weather is” not just a quote, but the actual truth. It's vital to protect yourself from natural elements like the rain, or the harsh sun with a sturdy golf umbrella. Featuring umbrellas from the makers of other golf accessories and apparels like Srixon, Nike, Mizuno, Callaway, Nilkamal, Titleist and more, stock a huge range of branded golf umbrellas for sale — from small-sized ones to the large jumbo-sized umbrellas.

Whether for yourself or as a gift, order your choice of golf umbrella online and get FREE shipping anywhere in Australia on orders of $100 and above.

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While it’s evident that golf umbrellas can be used off the greens, here’s what you should consider before making a purchase.

  • Size and weight — Available in various sizes, the recommendation is an umbrella with over 60-inch arc size.
  • Wind resistant — Vented models and double canopy umbrellas typically have an air ventilation system that makes it unaffected by strong winds.
  • Fabric — Naturally waterproof, there are still some degrees to its water resistance. Pongee material has the highest durability, UV protection and water resistance. Nylon is expensive and has a smooth wrinkle-free appearance. Polyester is the cheapest and have a rough texture.
  • Canopy — There are single and double canopies. A double canopy is superior as it has a vented outlet that allows air to pass through, thereby reducing the force of the wind. These vents also keep you cool in summer by letting out trapped heat.
  • Frames — Fiberglass or aluminium frames hold up well in extreme weather conditions. Although, fiberglass is superior for their high-wind resistance, flexibility, lightweight and non-corrosive nature. Aluminium frames can be heavy, yet, they are more economical.
  • Handle — Ergonomic handles are superior as they distribute weight evenly, reducing strain on the holder’s hand. There are rubberised handles, curved handles, non-slip handles and more. Handles made of polyurethane are the most durable, comfortable and waterproof. Foam handles get worn out over time while steel handles are hard and uncomfortable.

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