Online Ladies Golf Shoes For Sale In Australia

Whether you are playing golf for recreation, sport or generating business acquaintances, as women we prefer to look good wherever we go. Regardless of whether you are a beginner or a professional player, high-performing stylish golf shoes for ladies is a requisite, not just for fashion’s sake, but to play at your peak and in comfort.

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The trouble with searching for ladies' golf shoes online is that it is not as easy to find golf shoes with descriptions detailing where and what is best for the golf course you will be playing on, particularly since info and quantity on menswear far outweighs info and quantify of ladies' golf shoes in Australia.

However, since more and more women have been actively getting involved in golf courses and tournaments, the manufacturers are following suit with a variety of ladies' golf shoes that are athletic, comfortable, durable, high-quality and stylish.

That’s why here at Golf Depot, we’ve pre-selected and presented only the premium yet affordable golf shoes that are playable either on wet terrain or hot and dry golf courses. During summer-time Australia, the most practical golf shoes for ladies are spikeless as they don’t need extra-strong footing or waterproofing, even though, almost all golf shoes are now waterproofed.

Keep in mind, don’t be surprised when you find brands with men’s shoes manufactured using top-of-the-line technology sitting at a higher-end budget, and the women’s line of golf shoes from the same brand is not.

Our ladies golf shoes clearance dashboard allows you to simply sort by prize, brand, or product type. Don’t worry if you can’t find a particular golf shoe you fancy. Instantly send us an email with your specifications and preferences at or dial 03 5229 1093 to speak to one of our staff members at Golf Depot.

Packaging and shipping to anywhere in Australia is FREE for orders of over $100.

Why Golfing Depot’s Ladies Golf Shoes?

  • Extremely lightweight
  • Comfortable
  • Long-lasting
  • Performance booster
  • Fashionable designs
  • Reasonable prices
  • FREE shipping
  • 30-day exchange or refund policy
  • World-class customer service

Almost every woman who’s golfing skills is at the beginner stages or plays a few golf courses a year owns a pair of ladies' golf shoes. They’re comfortable as they are engineered to keep your feet from sliding when you swing that club. Furthermore, the technology keeps your feet from exerting strain and causing fatigue after long hours of walking.

We try our best to present precise, detailed information about every shoe item on display. For any direct Q&As on product and shipment before placing an order of ladies' golf shoes across Australia, directly ring us up at 03 5229 1093 or drop us an email us at Please take care in choosing the correct shoe size before finalising the order. If size is incorrect the golf shoe may be returned to Golf Depot at buyer’s expense in exchange for the correct size within 30 days.

If you’d prefer trying them out in person, we’re open on all days at our physical showroom in Moorabool Street, Geelong, Victoria.