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Casual golfers don’t care for socks, it’s the last apparel on their mind, yet socks specifically made for golfing play a big role in protecting your feet, as well as being a fashionable item. Golfers new to the game may think socks are just there as a buffer between your golf shoes and your feet; that there is no technology and design elements involved; and that golf socks are unnecessary; that it is possible to play golf with any old pair of socks. But here’s the truth:

  • Climate Control —golf socks come with a kind of foot climate control like an enclosed toe seam for advanced comfort and fit. Temperature control of the feet is important if you are going to be walking and standing 4-6 hours a day. On hot summer days, overheated feet makes it difficult to spend too much time on the course. On colder days, a flimsy pair of drawer socks won’t be able to keep your feet warm while you’re working on your swing. Your average off-the-counter socks cannot address these external conditions.
  • Blister Protection — Blisters are annoying and can really make you lose focus. They are not only unpleasant, but can be painful and unsafe the more time you spend wandering the greens. Golf socks are engineered and designed to minimise the chances of forming blisters. Couple the right sock with golf shoes that fit perfectly, your feet should remain blister-free all day long.
  • Anti-Odour & Bacteria — Like any other sport, physical actions can make you sweat, typically the feet first. Sweat leads to odour, which eventually leads to a built-up bacteria. Using regular socks, this odour and bacteria would continue to remain and possibly get worse over time. Golf sock’s anti-odour design prevents the growth of odour-causing microbes, thereby combating bacteria. They feature moisture wicking fibres that lifts moisture and vapour off the skin, allowing for a drier, more comfortable feel within the feet.

Both golf socks for men and golf socks for women come with features that include breathability, lightweight, cushioned sole, anti-odour technology, reduced foot fatigue, strategic cushioning, added stretch & comfort, quick drying, crease resistant, mesh upper for ventilation and more. Browse through our catalogue of golf socks in Australia and start placing your orders. For any enquiries, email us at or call 03 5229 1093.

Why Golf Depot’s Golf Socks?

  • Cheap buying prices
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  • FREE shipping on orders of $100+

For bulk orders of golf socks, you can also talk to us at 03 5229 1093 or email us at Visit us at our showroom in Moorabool Street, Geelong, Victoria.

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