Golf gloves in Australia are not a requirement for a lot of players, and they're certainly not mandatory, but they are highly recommended for most players. This is why you can see that most Pro Tour players always have golf gloves, either on one or both hands.

The following benefits will show you why golf gloves are important.


One of the primary reasons behind golfers wearing gloves is because of how much it can improve their grip on the club. Men's Golf gloves are made out of a specialised material that is much more adhesive than your own skin. This enables you to have a much greater grasp on the grip of the club.

You have to keep in mind that players with loose grips, will definitely see a larger improvement from wearing gloves, as opposed to someone who has a firm grip to begin with. This is mainly because with a loose grip the club has a chance of moving during your swing, affecting your shot. That doesn't mean that players with tight grips, don't need gloves as well.


The weather plays an important factor, not just in how your game goes forward, but also as to how you grip your club. When it comes to hot weather, your clubs are prone to extreme heat, especially ones that aren't in constant use. So it's entirely possible that when you take out your putter there's a good chance that you will have to wait a while before you can hold the club to avoid burning yourself.

There is no explanation needed at this point to say that golf gloves can provide a level of protection in this situation. However, the two situations where golf gloves become paramount is in rain and cold weather. Golf gloves have a dimpled surface, so when it is raining, they are able to grip the glove, much more effectively than your own hands. Furthermore, there are specific types of golf gloves in the market that are water resistant. When you go with these gloves, they do not soak water.
This makes your grip ideal, even in the most humid of environments.

When it gets cold, then golf gloves in Australia have another situation altogether. They can prevent your hands from getting too stiff, or brittle, while gripping the club. Furthermore, because of the dry winter, your golf clubs are extremely free of moisture while your hands will provide a certain degree of warmth. This will lead to the golf club intermittently slipping out of your hands. However, when you wear a golf glove, then the club stays right where it's supposed to be without bringing any changes in the temperature between your grip and the handle of the club.

Calluses and Blisters

For players who can play up to an eight hour game, mens golf gloves are ideal to help prevent blisters, from forming on your hands. Golf is a game where there is a constant repeated swinging action. This swinging action creates a high level of friction between the skin of your palm and the grip of the club.

Needless to say, prolonged playing in this method will lead to a large number of blisters and calluses on the hands of the players. However, when players wear special gloves, then a layer of protection is formed between the skin and the grip, which prevents these damages from occurring. As mentioned earlier, golf gloves prevent any kind of friction between your hand and the grip of the club by reducing slippage. This means that in the complete absence of friction, there is little likelihood of you forming any injuries due to swinging your club.

Sweaty Palms

This is an aspect that only certain players will be able to relate with due to the simple fact that not every person suffers from this problem. However, for the individuals who do have sweaty palms, it can be a nightmare to get a perfect swing with your golf club continuously slipping out of your hands. Once again, specialised golf gloves can soak up the moisture from your hands and prevent it from reaching the grip of the club, allowing you to have a game as good as an individual with dry hands.

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