Want to make your golf car more personalised? All you need is to add some quirky and functional accessories that will give your golf cart a whole new unique look.

Have a look at the top 7 golf cart accessories that can enhance the aesthetics and customise your golf cart.

Light Kit:

When shopping for golf cart accessories in Australia, lighting is the most important to be included. Lights improve the safety level and enable the driver to see in poor lighting conditions. You can install LED lights or Halogen bulbs in your cart. The lights come with multiple setting options, which you can use to set the amount of light you need.

Covers and Enclosures:

Make sure your golf cart stays protected from the outside environmental elements such as rain and snow by covering it with a golf car cover. The cover and enclosures have a quick installation time and consistof heavy-duty vinyl doors and PVC windows.

Motorised Golf Buggy:

The motorised golf buggy offers more strength and stability to the cart. You can run the cart even on the most rugged courses. The motor enables the driver to gain complete control of the cart using a remote control. The compatible four-wheel design will minimise your efforts and help you handle the cart in all conditions.


The windscreen is one of the most popular golf cart accessories in AustraliaThe thick windscreen protects the drivers against strong wind and rain. You can install a new polyurethane windscreen and get rid of your old and worn off windscreen.

Golf Cart Seat Covers:

Golf carts are placed and used outdoors, they are subjected tothe harsh wind, rain, sun and dust. The seat covers will protect your seats from such elements thus ensuring their longevity. The polyester and cotton seat covers are designed to last longer. They do not require any specialised installation tools. Upgrade the look of your golf cart by placing the brand-new seat covers for extra comfort.

Side Mirrors:

Every golf cart is equipped with rear-view mirrors. The wide-anglemirrors can be mounted on the roof easily. Get the high-definition mirrors for your cart that offer a distortion-free view. With the adjustable viewing option, you can adjust the mirror to any side you want.

Push Pull Golf Buggy:

Upgrade your golf cart by installing larger wheels along with an aluminium frame. This will convert your cart into a push pull golf buggy. This makes the manoeuvring process easy. You can also add adjustable straps to fit your bag on the cart. Benefit from the quick release folding system and store the buggy anywhere you want despite space or location.

At Golf Depot, we supply standard golf cart accessories in Australia. Whether you want to give your existing golf cart an upgrade or want to enhance its performance, we have the best-in-class accessories for all your needs.

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