There are a multitude of different options and factors that can impact your game. The kind of driver picked by you, the speed of your swing, and the length of your clubs all play an important role in determining your game. However, one of the easiest forgotten or rarely considered aspects for the average golfer is choosing the kind of golf ball, that they want to play with.

It can be intimidating to walk into a golf store after simply seeing a Golf Balls For Sale sign and see an immeasurable number of options that all look exactly the same. Even if you look for golf balls online, at face value you're unlikely to find any potential difference in any of the balls.

However, there are a few factors that can help you pick out the right ball for your style.

One of the first steps in determining the kind of golf ball, that will fit your playstyle is understanding the structure of the golf ball.

The following are the three parts that are inherent in every single golf ball.

1. The core

Every golf ball has a core and it is generally made of moulded rubber that is compressed to take up most of the space within the ball. Upon impact, the core can retain the energy released into the ball to amplify launch speed and the accuracy of your swing.

2. Layers

Every golf ball is divided into a certain number of layers and there are many reasons as to the same. The first is that the number of layers in a golf ball can significantly change the performance of that ball. Depending on the number of layers you could have something that spins more or retains speed at a much longer distance. The second reason is that these layers, help keep moisture out of the core, which prevents the ball from getting bogged down over a short stretch.

3. The cover

The cover of the golf ball is its most defining feature with a large number of dimples over it, that ensure that the ball can smoothly sail through the wind. The material of the cover and its thickness can significantly impact the distance and spin of the ball.

Now that you understand the structure of the golf ball, let us look at the types of golf balls that could be used in your game.

1. Two piece golf balls

As the name suggests, these balls have two layers with the core making the bulk of the interior and protected by the outer cover.These balls will fly long and straight, based on any kind of shot, which allows you to have fun, and improve on the golf course. That is why these balls are usually regarded as ideal for beginners. These are the most common golf balls for sale in Australia.

2. Two piece intermediate golf balls

When you look for golf balls online, you’re likely to find this variant in high supply. When you become more acclimated with the game, you tend to look for something that would offer more control in your game. That is when you start looking at premium two piece golf balls. These balls are typically softer than the previous beginner's golf ball and provides a more pleasant feeling when it impacts with your club, providing a nicer sensation on the course. These balls have their core, and casing, designed in such a manner, to provide soft contact which means even the lightest swings can send them flying.

3. Three layer golf balls

When you reach the level of a professional then you come across three-layer golf balls. These are the best golf balls for sale in the market. These balls are often used in professional golf tours. These golf balls, tend to be low spinning on longer shots, which give the golfer, a greater amount of control. These types of balls also tend to fly low and straight across the air. Sporting a urethane cover these golf balls provide the maximum level of backspin and player control, allowing you to hit the ball closer to your points.

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