PGF Future Star Putter - Right Hand Red Ages 6+

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Kids need the right gear when starting golf and the new PGF Future Star JWS putters are a fun way to introduce the game. The Future Star JWS putters feature a classic offset heel-toe design and flat-front putter grip that will help them learn how to roll the ball on the green. Available in 3 separate length specifications in bright colour co-ordinated sizes that are perfect for kids starting golf.



Offset Heel-Toe head

Blue* or Pink 31” (Suggested Age 9+)

Flat-front putter grip

Red 26” (Suggested Age 6+)

Light weight specs - easier to swing

Green 22” (Suggested Age 3+)

Choice of 3 length specifications

*Available in LH from 26-Apr-2019

Undersize flat-front putter grip

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