PGF Future Star Hybrid - Right Hand Green Ages 3+

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Kids need the right gear when starting golf and the new PGF Future Star JWS hybrid makes the long game easier. The Future Star JWS hybrid features a high-lofted oversize head to send the ball long, high and straight. Available in 3 separate length specifications in bright colour co-ordinated sizes that are perfect for kids starting golf.



Ultra-forgiving, high MOI Junior oversize head

Blue* or Pink 36” (Suggested Age 9+)

High loft specs for easy launch and longer carry

Red 32” (Suggested Age 6+)

Soft flex shafts to generate clubhead speed

Green 26” (Suggested Age 3+)

Light weight specs - easier to swing

*Available in LH from 26-Apr-2019

Undersize grips fitted for kid sized hands


Choice of 3 length specifications

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