Mizuno T20 Wedge Satin GRH 54 Deg 8 Bounce

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Mizuno’s forging expertise is revered for its consistency of manufacture, distance control and incredible feedback, especially in a wedges where touch and feel are most critical. Mizuno T20 Wedges - 3 Finishes

Groove Tech Mizuno have introduced new Hydroflow Micro Grooves on their T20 wedges, which help the T20 wedges perform identically in both wet and dry conditions.

The micro grooves are rendered between the regular grooves and function in a similar way to treads on a car tyre, diverting water away from the face and grooves so moisture doesn't affect the spin rates, which can decrease by up the 30 per cent when it's wet.

The grooves are narrower and deeper in the lower lofts to maximise performance for full shots and get progressively wider and shallower as lofts increase, for greater versatility around the greens.

Mizuno T20 Wedges - Vertical Grooves Mizuno

T20 Wedges Features:

Maintain backspin in wet conditions: New HYDROFLOW MICRO GROOVES are vertically etched to release moisture and maintain spin in damp conditions. Spin weighted: Weight placed high, discreetly within a tapered blade for increased spin and vertical stability from off centre strikes. Predictable shotmaking: After Grain Flow Forging every head is mechanically milled to the highest possible tolerances – ensuring a perfectly flat face and consistent spin. Precise CNC milled grooves: Born infused 1025 billets are more durable for longer lasting grooves and spin you can trust. T20's higher lofted wedges carry a wider shallower groove for the partial shots played around the green. Alternatively, our lower lofted options have the deeper, narrower groove more suited to full shots. All precision milled for predictable, consistent spin.

Classic Teardrop Flow: Profile flows from a defined teardrop 46 degree pitching wedge for full shots, through to a more rounded 60 degree for versatility around the green. Three Finish Options: Choose from 2 plated finishes – (Satin Chrome & Blue ION) or Raw and ready to rust.

Loft specific Design: STD BEVEL, Subtle M Grind and Aggressive C Grind options.

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