Mizuno ST190 3 Fairway - Right Hand - Atmos Blue 60 Stiff Flex

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A deeper, powerful fairway wood – combining a high energy HT1770 Maraging Steel face and lower spin chassis.

Engineered using Mizuno’s amplified Wave soleplate and carbon composite crown. In addition to the fixed hosel 3 and 5 – the Tour S 3 wood ranges from 13-17 degrees with a stronger ball flight.

A deeper clubface flexes more like a driver – maximising the ball speed produced by a high energy H1770 Maraging Steel. Ultra lightweight carbon allows 4g of weight to be moved low within the clubhead – allowing a rare combination of deeper clubface and efficient, low spin ball flight.

An Amplified Wave Soleplate creates a balance of stability and sweet spot height – for effective off centre forgiveness without too much backspin.


Boasting the same technology as the ST190 drivers, the ST190 fairway woods are designed to produce a low-spin ball flight that works beautifully off the tee or from the fairway.

A deeper face and larger frame gives Mizuno ST190 fairway woods similar attributes to the drivers and while the fairway woods are fitted with a steel face rather than titanium, it is still able to flex and rebound to maximise ball speeds off the club face.

Mizuno ST190 fairway woods feature the same harmonic technology as the drivers to create a powerful impact sound, as well as an Amplified Wave sole and a carbon fibre crown that is 4g lighter.

The new crown and sole enabled Mizuno engineers to lower the ST190 fairway woods’ sweet spot and produce high ball speeds and low spin rates for a very effective ball flight.

Mizuno ST190 fairway woods are available in a fixed hosel 3 and 5 wood (15 and 18 degrees, respectively) and a Tour S 3 wood that is adjustable from 13-17 degrees.

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