Mizuno MP 20 MMC GRH Iron Set 4 to Pw KBS S Taper Stiff Flex

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Powered by a legendary copper underlay, the Mizuno MP20 MMC Irons are the result of years of testing and feedback to bring back the copper insert which was made famous in the desirable Mizuno TN-87 Iron.

With blind testing at the Valspar Championship, Mizuno received feedback from tour players regarding the prototype's feel and sound - with a copper underlay or without it. Due to the improved experience and feedback that all tour players crave, the copper insert returns and is coupled with the specialised crafting technique straight out of Hiroshima, Japan.

Mizuno MP20 MMC Irons Mizuno’s Grain Flow Forging process is identified as one of the best crafts in golf production due to the care and attention to detail that is required to carefully hand craft a set of Forged irons. As the MMC is the Multi-Material iron in the MP20 Family, The use of a Titanium muscle spreads the weight across the iron to improve the MOI and enhance the performance on off-centre strikes.

With tour feedback being a huge part in the creation of the new MP20 family, requests were made to make the head profile more tour-inspiring, with Mizuno deciding to make the topline thinner. This adjustment makes the MMC less than 1mm thicker at address than the MP20 Muscle Back. For golfers that want to split the MP20 set, Mizuno has improved the set flow throughout the family, which continues through to the wedges, enabling golfers to pick their personalised set makeup without seeing differences in visuals at address and also performance drop-offs.

Mizuno MP20 MMC Irons - Features: Layers Of Feel - Grain Flow Forged HD from 1025E Pure Select Mild Carbon Steel. Extra Stability - Titanium plates spread the weight across the head to improve stability and forgiveness. Thinner Topline - Due to tour feedback, the 2nd generation of MMC features thinners aesthetics. Multi-Material Construction - A combination of 1025 Carbon Steel, Titanium Plates and a Tungsten Toe enhances overall iron performance.

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