Cleveland RTX 4.0 Wedge Tour Satin 56 Mid

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The Cleveland RTX4 Wedges are a complete paradigm shift and is transformed by a blade wedge philosophy.

The 4th Generation Rotex Face Technology offers consistent spin across the face and from all course conditions. Sharper and deeper grooves cut through the different elements, allowing for more control from every shot.

Laser Milling increases the face roughness right on the conforming limit for more friction, resulting in greater stopping power.

The RTX 4 arrives with four tour-developed sole grinds allowing for the best selection to suit your game and course conditions.

Full Grind: The traditional grind that holds a mid-bounce for solid pitch shots and full shots into the green. It is ideal for the golfer with a steeper angle of attack and often plays in softer course conditions.

Mid Grind: A V-Shaped sole cuts through all elements that are faced on the course, whilst allowing for the leading edge to stay low on open faced shots. The most versatile grind for golfers that like the manipulate the club face.

Low Grind: Providing heel and toe relief, the Low grind offers a C-shape sole that is versatile from any lie.

X Low Grind: Featuring the lowest bounce options within the RTX 4 range, the X Low is perfect for tight lies and for playing shots that require an extremely open club face.

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